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You are welcome to send in your own contribution. It can be an article, a presentation, pictures or anything else, as long as it is connected to flyfishing entomology. (e.g. Maybe you have done an inventory on your home fishing water and concluded a report. Make a hatching table on your favourite fishing water). Mark your mail "Entomology"

Heptagenia sulphurea, Yellow May Spinner  

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Midge fly called "Bosse"
Midge pupa (Family Chironomidae) is on the fish menu throughout the season. With a midge pupa on the leader is time for excitement and fighting. But it is important to fish the fly correct. By Björn Möller

Tying the Blue Wing Olive (BWO)
The "BWO" mayfly is a staple food source on which trout rely year round.
By Jason Akl (2010-12-05)

PMD Hatch, "The Pale Morning Dun Hatch produces fun, challanging fishing!" By George Anderson (2010-11-20)

Tying Mr. Sowbug's Dead-Drifter Sowbug
If sowbugs and scuds are in the stream, they can make up as much as seventy-five percent of the trout diet. By Fox Statler (2010-01-02)

The Oligochaete Worm, Could every "San Juan Worm" that has ever been tied be wrong? By Fox Statler. (2003-12-21)

Leeches, ...disgusting for us, but the rainbow thinks different. By Gunnar Johnson (2001-11-16)

Daddy Long Leg, Some insects are easily bypassed by the fly-fisher, even though they during some periods of the season exists in large concentrations on the water surface and then may attract the fish to specialize on them. Article by Gunnar Johnson. (2001-08-88)



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