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You are welcome to send in your own contribution. E.g. rod building hints, hints when and where to buy rodparts and accessories. All contributions are welcome. Mark your mail: "rod building"


History of Cork
Article on the history of cork harvesting and following article on how to make cork rings for fishing rods. By Joaquim Loureiro (2013-03-22)

Some Bamboo Rodmaking Thoughts
Once when I wanted to describe how to choose a rod design. I may have gotten carried away but decided to share many of my thoughts about rodmaking and some of the difficulties involved in selecting a design. By Tom Morgan 2011. (2012-11-10)

Match the Thatch, matching trim wraps to the newer fly line colors of today. By David Sylvester (2007-03-18)

Spare the rod, Chico fly rod maker Walton Powell died defending his honor after selling his family's name and image to the Schwab family. By Devanie Angel (2001-08-08)

Lord of the Flies, a personal portrayal on Walton Powell, by Dan Fallon. (Published 990121)



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