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Fly Fishing tactics and techniques

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TENKARA: It's never too late!.
By Piero Letizia (2018-06-20)

Fallons World of Flyfishing Column no 4 2017: Mighty Nymph (2017-08-21).

Choosing trout flies simplified: 2 super-easy methods.
From today onwards, you'll never have to take multiple fly boxes with you when you go fishing anymore. By Shabbir (2016-11-10)

.G.E.M. Skues and the hatching BWO puzzle
I had many happy days of fine dry fly fishing with BWO imitations on Bosnian rivers. Through the process of elimination I decreased my fly selection to just two patterns in several sizes and this is what is described in the article, along with some historical stuff about GEM Skues. By Goran Grubic and Aleksandar Panic

Fishing with the Morgan Twitch
You will be amazed at the number of fish you move to the fly. In fact, if you are like me, many of the ones I miss are more fun than the ones I catch. By Tom Morgan  (2015-08-09).

An Introduction to Scandinavian Casting
What’s the easiest way for fly anglers to make long casts when they have little back cast room? Also what way can anglers make long casts without exerting a lot of energy and feeling exhausted after three or four precious hours of fishing? Scandinavian spey casting is the answer to both questions. By Randy Kadish (2015-04-06).

Fly Fishing with Solo Canoes
Quiet Water boats appeal to me in that these boats tend to be uncomplicated and free of electronics or other gadgets I think distract from the overall experience. By Mike Hogue 2013 (2014-01-12).

Grayling, the perfect fish for fly fishing
On the third cast the big grayling rose and took the dry fly. Then the fish took off down stream in full speed. I had seen the cautious wake rings on the blank area at the stream head - and like so many times in the past underestimated them in the belief that they were from smaller graylings. By Sune Adolfsson (2013-04-16).

Midge fly called "Bosse"
Midge pupa (Family Chironomidae) is on the fish menu throughout the season. With a midge pupa on the leader is time for excitement and fighting. But it is important to fish the fly correct. By Björn Möller

Tips for the coming season
Improve your casting accuracy.
Learn about water insects, use insect catching net.
Tailing glove, helps you land the catch more easy. By Niclas Andersson

Basics of the Overhead Cast
The overhead fly cast can be broken down into two main phases, the back cast and the front cast. By Jason Akl

Learning the Roll Cast
The roll cast is a key technique to presenting flies to fish when cover is tight. By Jason Akl  2012-06-22.

Spey Casting 101
Perhaps you’re in the same fly casting bind I was in. You often don’t have enough room to make back casts, and at your age casting a 7-weight fly rod for three or four hours leaves you exhausted and sore. Spey casting, you read, will save you a lot of energy and ibuprofen. By Randy Kadish (2012-01-01).

Joe Guide’s Mathematical Formula
for sight fishing tailing Redfish in the Spartina grass Flats North Carolina. By Walter (Joe Guide) Dinkins. (2011-02-18).

PMD Hatch, "The Pale Morning Dun Hatch produces fun, challanging fishing!" By George Anderson (2010-11-20).

Gold Balls & Silver Bullets
Beadheads are very effective patterns for any other watercourse. Their value has been noticed by a growing number of fly fishers, and they are accounting for some good fish, whether in running or still water. By Hans van Klinken. 2010-09-07.

Fishing the Pods
The phenomena of schools of fish feeding on the surface in tightly packed bunches. Exciting to see and experience, but sometimes tough to deal with for the average angler.
By George Anderson 2010-05-01.

"Draggin´ fly" fishing with dry flies
Dry flies must always be fished drifting freely with no drag is a rule with exceptions. By Johan Klingberg (2009-01-31).

Fly Fishing Thailand - Arowana The Arowana is one of the most engaging species introduced into Thailand and offers spectacular fly fishing in Thailand. by Capt. Max Mackenzie Skues (2008-08-30).

Thailand Barramundi on the Fly - Part 2, by Capt. Max Mackenzie Skues (2008-04-04).

Fly Fishing in Thailand - an Introduction, by Capt. Max Mackenzie Skues (2008-03-29).

Thailand Barramundi on the Fly - Part 1. Often known for its spectacular violent head shaking leaps from the water during a fight, the Barramundi justifiably commands respect from those who seek it out. Surprisingly, this, the gamest of all game fish is relatively unknown to many fly fishermen. Pound for pound the Barramundi will outrun, outstrip and outfight any salmonoid. (Part 1) By Martyn (Max) Mackenzie Skues (2008-02-16).

How to use our Klinkhåmer Special correctly, by Hans van Klinken (2007-09-30).

Casting a fly at the Himalayan Mahseer, "Flies and Fly-Fishing Techniques for the Himalayan Mahseer" By Misty Dhillon 2007-08-24.

Knots That Catch Fish
A critical, observant, and logical look at knot tying, By Fox Statler (2007-05-18).

Fight Wind: Learn The Double Haul
Fly casting article by Randy Kadish (2007-04-21).

A Muddler Taught Me How To Read
Fishing with Muddler flies. By Eric D. Lehman (2007-03-18).

Sight Fishing Large Stillwaters
Sight fishing in the context of fly fishing for trout, is the art of locating, observing and casting to a sighted fish to induce a take. The sheer thrill of sight fishing is in its visual and emotional impact. By Steve Yeomans (2007-01-31).

When the leafs are falling the grayling get's mad
Article on fishing with Aphids imitations by Hans van Klinken (2006-07-09).

Don't match the hatch
Short article about fishing technique. By Julian C Bixler (2006-07-09).

by Hans van Klinken (2006-06-18).

Catch More Trout, Don't Flog the Water! How many times have you spent the day at a small stillwater fishery enjoying good sport during the morning, only to struggle during the second half of the day? More often than not this is due to trout shying away from an increasing bombardment of flies and more importantly fly lines, but this need not be so. Article by Steve Yeomans (2006-04-29).

"Mahseer on the Fly"
Revealing a new generation of flies and fly-fishing techniques for taking a creature of absolute majesty in the Himalayas. By Misty Dhillon (2005-10-01).

Alternative angling Fishing smallmouth bass in Pennsylvania by Julian C Bixler (2005-07-12)

Fly Casting For Distance, and God? Short story by Randy Kadish (2004-06-19).

Winter Fishing Tactics article by Doc Knoll (2004-03-27).

9 Principles of War Applied to Flyfishing by Harry P. Davis (2004-02-10).

It’s in the Timing fly casting article by Doc Knoll (2004-01-14)

.Reach that faraway target - how to reduce fly-casting fatigue - article by Randy Kadish (2003-12-30).

Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing Tips By Bill Bryden (2003-12-14).

Trophy atlantic salmon fishing tips "Catching a Truly Huge Atlantic Salmon" or "A Lower Humber Primer" By Bill Bryden (2003-12-14).

Guerrilla flyfishing by Harry P. Davis. Chapter 6 from the book Guerrilla flyfishing. (2003-11-08)

Bugs article on fly fishing in New Zealand and how to choose flies. By Sean Andrews (2002-04-14).

The inconnu, the unknown whitefish, by Hans van Klinken. (2002-02-24).

The Spring pike - Exotic and Scandinavian, by Niclas Andersson (2001-05-07).

Double your shad catch, five Simple Techniques, by Brian M. Wiprud. (Published 2001-03-14).

Snap Tandems For Pickerel, article on fly fishing for "pike". by Brian M. Wiprud (Published 2001-03-14).

Dry Fly Salmon Fishing Tips. By Heikki Anttonen (Published 2001-02-05).

How to fish with the famous Rackelhane fly History, technique and tactics, by Kenneth Boström.

The arising of the Klinkhamer Special Article on the classical Dutch fly, Fishing technique and a lot more, by Hans van Klinken.(Published 980103).


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Fly Fishing tactic and technique




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