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Fly Fishing with Solo Canoes

Quiet Water boats appeal to me in that these boats tend to be uncomplicated and free of electronics or other gadgets I think distract from the overall experience. By Mike Hogue 2013 (2014-01-12)

Yellowstone Angler 2013 Wader Shootout
Welcome to our first ever wader shootout! Last year, in addition to our normal rod shootouts we conducted a tippet shootout. This year we decided to take a close look at waders, and compare what we feel are the best waders we’ve used and found on the market. By George and James Anderson (2013-12-08)

History of Cork
Article on the history of cork harvesting and following article on how to make cork rings for fishing rods. By Joaquim Loureiro (2013-03-22)

2013 5-weight Mini-Shootout
Includes the four top performing rods for 2013. I’ll include all the categories just like we’ll have in our regular 5-weight shootout, and give you my casting notes too. By George Anderson

Tips for the coming season
Improve your casting accuracy.
Learn about water insects, use insect catching net.
Tailing glove, helps you land the catch more easy. By Niclas Andersson

Some Bamboo Rodmaking Thoughts
Once when I wanted to describe how to choose a rod design. I may have gotten carried away but decided to share many of my thoughts about rodmaking and some of the difficulties involved in selecting a design. By Tom Morgan 2011. (2012-11-10)

Sliding knot for multi fly leaders
When fishing with two or more flies on the leader, one of technicalities to consider is how to construct appropriate leader. Article by Milan Trickovic (2009-08-31)

Winston fiberglass history
under Tom Morgan's ownership, by Tom Morgan

5 Weight Shoot Out! Rod comparison article. By George Anderson (2008-08-22)

Splicing a loop
Creating end-loop on fly lines, by Jack Cook

AquaGlo Fly Dressing
Fly tying article and presentation of a new fly tying product by Jason Akl (2005-03-19)

Take me to your leader
About designing your own leader, by Jim Benenson   (04-11-29)

Building your own epoxy drier for better saltwater flies By Jason Akl (2003-11-29)

Quick, or Simple, Blood Knot, a knot tip. By Bruce E. Harang (990522)

Knot page, a presentation of different knot's used in flyfishing. (991205)

Leaders Get No Respect, article on leaders. Recipes and helpful hints on to choose the right leader for each type of fishing. By Bruce E. Harang (990313)

Gater Saving Tip, for your neoprene waders, by Bruce E. Harang (990313)

Tying the Clinch and Improved Clinch Knots Tip, by Bruce E. Harang

Boot Lace Tip, a method to "tie" your wading bootlaces, by Bruce E. Harang


Product presentations


History of Cork
Article on the history of cork harvesting and following article on how to make cork rings for fishing rods. By Joaquim Loureiro (2013-03-22)

Finnegans's Fly tool - Product presentation, an innovative multi tool for all fishermen (2008-09-29)

Introducing the monomaster, An Innovative and Novel Storage Device for Handling Waste Monofilament -. Product presentation and reviews. (2008-05-31)

Real World Fly Fishing - Third Edition, fly fishing simulator, computer game, review by Honken (2007-05-16)

Dry Tech MRT™ Fly Box Product review by Dan Fallon (2007-03-04)

SNAPZ™ Strike indicators Product presentation (2007-01-04)

McSteen Flyreels. Exclusive Swedish fly reel. (2006-06-10)

Hook Sharpener From KoneZone, By Mike Hyneman. Test review by Honken (2006-05-20)

March Brown Hidden Water series travel rod. Product review By James Matthew (2006-04-29)

UNI Box-Stor System storage system for tying threads and fly tying tools, product presentation (2006-03-18)

Duncan Tailknott’r, tying better knots, product presentation (2005-04-29)

Chota's CVX 100 Deluxe Wading Jacket Product presentation by Jason Akl (2005-04-28)

Compass CayakT, new fishing cayak. Press release (2005-03-24)

Kalax Flytesting Device Presentation of fly tying products (2004-11-26)

Great posters with enthomology theme, by Lars Viberg (2004-09-12)

Folding Wading Stick Presentation of fly fishing products from Älven Angling (2003-09-16)

Handi-Measure™ Equipment tip, a net handle tape measure. (2002-10-12)

Insect net for the fly fishermen Equiment tip by "Honken" (2002-05-13)

Rod test review by Trico Spinner. Hot set-up for spring creek fishing, rod: Performance Fly Rods Chalkstream 87. (2000-02-20)



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