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Black Dragon
Fly pattern

Salmon fly
Originator: Göran Clareus

Hook: Low water mod.
Silver tinsel
Tail: Topping feather + red fibers from hackle feather
Body: Black floss silk
Ribbing: Flat gold tinsel tied parallel winded with thin silvertwist
Body hackle: Black heron
Front hackle: Teal
Wings: Long Junglecock feathers, tied back to back, cover this with a thin bundle of black goat hair.
Cheek feather: Junglecock
Cheeks: Blue kingfisher or blue hackle feather.

Many materials in this pattern can be replaced with other materials. E.g. The heron hackle can be replaced with goat hair, in this case the goat hair is tied in after the body materials in small bundles with just some fibers in each bundle.

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