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IQ Indomita

IQ Indomita
Tier and originator: Ismo Saastamoinen
IQ Indomita


Tag: Ex small oval silver tinsel. Blue floss.
Throat: Kingfisher blue cock hackle
Tail: Kingfisher blue, magenta and kingfisher blue hackle on top of each other
Body: Flat mylar tinsel.
Ribbing: Oval silver tinsel and teal blue floss
Hackle: Magenta cock hackle starting at the third wrap of ribbing
Wing: 1: Two green highlander green cock hackles set back to back covered with two silver doctor blue hackle one on each side.
2: Two blue holographic flashabou one on each side of the back to back wing. 2/5 white fox, 1/5green angel hair and 2/5 blue fox over.
Head: Black with stripe teal blue floss

© Picture and text by Ismo Saastamoinen


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