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Quick, or Simple, Blood Knot

While this knot has been known as the quick blood knot or simple blood knot, it is not a blood knot because the tag ends come out the ends of the knot instead of in the center as they do in a true blood knot. It is, however, easy to tie, and very effective. The only drawback over the true blood knot is the bulk of the knot.

Wrap the tag end of one line seven or eight turns around the tag end of the second line (see Fig. 1) to start the knot.

Fig.1. Blood knot

Next the tag end of the second line is wrapped around the tag end of the first line seven or eight times (see Fig. 2).

Fig.2. Blood knot

To tighten the knot, grasp the tag ends and slowly draw the knot up until the tag ends stand out at right angles to the knot. Do not draw the knot so tight that the length of the knot is less than about 5/16 inch long (see Fig. 3).

Fig.3. Blood knot

Next wet the knot and grasping the two standing lines pull quickly and firmly to tighten the knot (see Fig. 4).

Fig.4. Blood knot


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