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Sail Wing Dun

Sail Wing Dun
Innovator: André Brun

Hook: Mustad 94833
Size #10 - #18
Thread: Uni 8/0
Tail: Nymph colored antron fibers
Body: E.g. Fly-Rite etc.
Hackle: Ginger or Dun
Wing: Gray Poly Yarn, attached with the Sail Wing technique
Sail Wing Dun, by André Brun
Tying instruction:
1) Tie in a small bunch of olive Antron fibers as a trailing shuck.



2) Dub a tapered abdomen, leaving ample room for the wing, thorax, and hackle.



3) Now for the fun part - the Sail Wing technique. A piece of poly yarn contains much more material than you need, so use your dubbing needle to split a length of yarn into two or three pieces, according to the size of the fly. Tie one of the pieces in front of the abdomen as shown, binding it down with several snug wraps of thread.


4) Raise the forward end of the poly yarn and make several turns of thread in front of it, propping it upright.




5) Tie in the hackle at the rear of the thorax area. Spin some more dubbing on your thread and dub a thorax on the fly.




6) Make two wraps of hackle between the wings and three wraps in front. Tie off the feather and clip the excess.




7) Trim the bottom of the hackle. Gently brush the wing material and then trim the wing to length and shape. Apply a drop of cement to the head. If necessary, trim the trailing shuck to length.
Tying instructions for Sail Wing Dun
André Brun lives in Gjøvik, Norway. His wing design was first published in Fly Tyer, Volume 5, Number 1, Spring 1999. Mr. Brun's Sail Wing technique can be used on any traditional medium size fly pattern. http://www.thetroutbum.com


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