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Upstream, Fly Fishing In The American West


Photographs by
Charles Lindsay

Text by
Thomas McGuane

An inspired, collaborative exploration
of angling a a sport and as a way of being.
Upstream takes us into the river of
the American west and into the heart
of the fly-fishing experience.

The book marriage of Charles Lindsay and
Thomas McGuane was a splendid idea indeed.
After seeing literally hundreds of books of trout
photos, we have an overwhelming one that returns
us to the essence of the river itself. And no one
writes better about fishing than Tom McGuane

- Jim Harrison -

In pursuit of trout and solitude, Charles Lindsay waded into countless trout streams  - camera in one hand, fly rod in the other - to make the photographs presented here in Upstream

Lindsay's vision immerses us in the remaining wilds of the American West and in the mysteries of the strangely beautiful word beneath the water's surface. His close observations of the life within and around the rivers are both lucid and abstract.

Celebrated novelist Thomas McGuane contributes a series of stories and acute observations, interwoven with Lindsay's photographs. The images and words in this inspired collaboration amplify each other, creating a book both eloquent and unexpected.

Upstream's striking combination of Lindsay's images and McGuane's text takes us into the rivers of the West and into the heart of the fly-fishing experience.


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Publication: June 2000, 96 pages, 55 duotones images.
Hardcover ISBN: 0-89381-889-5


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