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Chapoma Spey

Presented by Jurij Shumakov

Chapoma Spey


Chapoma Spey
Originator: Jurij Shumakov
Tag: 3 turns of French small silver oval tinsel
Butt: Glow-bright fairy red floss and black ostrich
Tail: Red SLF hanks
Body: 2/5 rear silver flat tinsel, 3/5 front black SLF dubbing or floss black, ostrich hearl in between sections
Body hackle: Long fibres black cock feather
Wing: Underwing small bunch of badger black tips fur, following bunch of black polar fox, over four-five thin ripple low flash fibres in Mörrum brown.
Front hackle: Golden Pheasant red body feather.
Head: Black

I tied this fly under influence of "Black Spey" of my friend and a very good fly tyer Richard Syren from Malmö. First time I checked it out on Mörrum in august 1998. The fly gave me 8.1 kg pure silver sea-trout. In May-June 1999 I brought three Swedish fishers to southern coast of Kola. We fished 6 different rivers. The fly showed tremendous success on three rivers: Chapoma, Strelna and Chavonga. Nearly all my favourite flies I used before on Kola were beaten by this pattern. After this I named it. The fly works very well on both floating and intermediate lines, especially in those rivers with intensive deep tea colour of water. May I add that almost 100% of sea trout at that trip were caught by this fly too.

Photo: Jurij Shumakov 2000 ©
8.1 kg August sea-trout taken on Black Spey
(Chapoma Spey sister) at pool 17 in river Mörrumsån.

© Text, Jurij Shumakov, 2000
© Photo, Lennart Delin, 2000, Jurij Shumakov, 2000

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