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Culture Night, (Kulturnatten)

Presented by Jurij Shumakov

Culture Night (Kulturnatten)

Culture Night, (Kulturnatten)
Originator: Jurij Shumakov
Tail: Fluor red wool with two short strands of pearl flashabou
Body: Black dubbing in two sections
Body hackle: In three parts: rear, middle and front Golden Pheasant red body feather, two strands of pearl flashabou almost at the same length as feather fibres under middle hackle
Eyes: Clear pearl chain beads
Head: Black dubbing
This fly I address to fly fishermen who are interested in coastal fishing for sea trout in Southern Sweden. Incredibly successful along the province of Skåne coastline.

Even cod and flat fish like Culture Night

This fly that I developed by myself is based on the fly "89", and it was my and my fishing friends secret during three years, before I presented the fly for several fishermen in Malmö in the beginning of 1998. We were a lot of fishermen who caught several nice sea trout along the Skåne coastline. My best result last year was 17 sea trout in one day, near Abbekås in March 1997. The fly works fine both with the use of cast-dobb when spin fishing and in ordinary fly fishing, and especially if one use small Mustad SNAP hooks, these make the fly very flexible in the water. The fly also turned out to be outstanding in the fall for sea trout and perch fishing in the out-flow area of the river Saxån and river Löddeå.

5.5 kg September sea-trout taken on Culture Night
in the mouth of Saxån river (western Skåne, Sweden)

This fly have been named from the yearly fall festival in Lund, Skåne, Sweden. One festival evening we were walking around in the city when I on "Lilla Fiskaregatan" street found a small wad of black wool with a very interesting structure, from a commercial poster for a course in vegetable dying of wool. I used the wool as body dubbing for my fly. I have also tried to tie variants of the fly by using metal eyes and not to use eyes at all but they didn't work as well as the original.

1.3 kg perch taken on Culture Night at river Saxån
(western Skåne, Sweden)

Also check out one variant of this fly: Culture Night Sand

© Text, Jurij Shumakov, 2000
© Photo, Lennart Delin, 2000



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