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Fish of a Lifetime
By Ralph Carlin


  Fish of a Lifetime

On Saturday 27th May, 2000 my fishing club, The Stable Bar Angling Club, had its annual visit to Portmore Loch, which is about a half-hour drive from Edinburgh. An overcast day with excellent fishing conditions it would also be a day that I will never forget.

Fishing the top end of the loch I had had a fair day with two fish, one 4lb 8oz. and the other 3lb 6oz. I decided to try further down the loch nearer the car park as we had to leave at 5pm and I had a fair distance to walk. At 3.45pm, and only 200 yards from the car park, I reached a bay deserted of anglers but there were a few fish showing as I looked out onto the water. I cast a small pheasant tail nymph on a 20ft leader of Drennan 5lb double strength nylon. After a few pulls the line tightened. What followed was a 35-minute battle that took my line three times down to the backing with some fantastic runs. By now, I was on the banking with not a soul in sight and I was wondering what to do. To try to net the fish single-handed was near impossible and to beach it on 5lb nylon would probably result in a breakage. Luckily a fellow angler appeared over the hill and I called to him for some help. After what seemed like hours he finally got the head of the fish into my landing net and cupping the tail in his hands he brought the fish to the bank. I thanked him and off he went before I could even get his name!

At the scales the fish weighed in at 19lb 4oz, a new record for Portmore and Me!


© 2000 Ralph Carlin



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