Swedish version

(russian name: Buratino)
From the Kola Serie

Presented by Jurij Shumakov

Originator: Jurij Shumakov
Junction part: a piece of plastic tube
Rear hackle: red-brown cock
Body: Three coneheads in size S+M+M, painted black
Wing: First bunch of polar fox dyed Mörrum brown with two strands of orange-yellow Mirage Flashabou at front of rear conehead; second bunch of polar fox dyed brown with a few strands of copper and dark brown Angel hair; third bunch of polar fox dyed dark brown with a few strands of red and black Angel hair; fourth bunch of polar fox dyed dark brown and tied as Håkan Norlings "reverse" wing at front of the front hackle; over the wing a few strands of thin Mörrum brown low flashing rippleflash
Front hackle: Mörrum brown dyed badger cock
Head: Black


© Text, Jurij Shumakov, 2000

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