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Me with a rainbow and my friend Jerry Freeman

Fishing the San Juan River

By Bob Bettencourt

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The San Juan River is located in the north west corner of the state of New Mexico, high desert country of the USA. It is approximately 6-7000 feet above sea level the water temperature is constantly in the 40F range making it ideal for trout and rainbow. The best way to fish the quality water of the San Juan (this is the first three miles from the dam) is to hire a guide and float that section for the first time, the next day; wade fish it as you should know the place to fish, where the fish are. Launching drift-boat
Trout I caught The day of fishing (float) will start at the boat launching site at the "Texas hole". After launching the drift boat you guide will tie on the fly/leader/tippet that you will use to start the day. He will change flies as he see fit. These flies are fished with about six or eight inch stripping, casting up stream allowing a free floating fly. Mending as much you have to. A guide will start you fishing at the put in area (Texas hole). The river is shallow on the edge where you put in. The most productive area is in the ripples.

From this point you will drift down stream. To name a few stop your, guide will make ie: Tims Pool, Lower Flats, Lunker Alley, Cannon Run, Simon Point (see map) to name a few.

The float trip will take about eight hours. There are several spots on the float trip where one can get out of the boat and have a try at wade fishing.

Some of the flies used at this fishing trip: San Juan Worm, Red Hot Brassie, RS 2 and WD 40.

Good Luck and keep a tight line.


Map of San Juan river

Text and photos by Robert Bettencourt © 2000



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