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Czech Nymph

Presented by Herb Kettler

Czech Nymph

A generic design originated in Czechoslovakia. This version by Oliver Edwards
Hook: Partridge K4A # 10.
Thread: 8/0 Light Olive.
Weight: Fine lead wire or sticky backed lead.
Abdomen, Hot Spot: Masterclass SLF dubbings MC 3(yellow olive), MC 1(brown olive), MC 15(orange for hot spot.) Also can use olive, yellow olive, pale yellow, dirty green, bright green, pale olive, grey, etc.
Thorax: Hare’s Mask or Squirrel with lots of guard hair.
Rib betweeen dubbing and Shell Back: Fine flat gold tinsel.
Outer Rib: 3lb B.S. Mono.
Shell back: Fine natural latex sheet. (Surgical glove is OK)
Czech Nymph, photo by Steve Sato
Photo by Steve Sato. The fly is tied by Oliver Edwards.

Tying Instructions

1. Build base using fine sheet lead starting around bend and wrapping up almost to eye. Wrap back to have at least three layers in the middle.

2. Cut a piece of 1/6 "(1/4" for #8) wide surgical latex, cut a taper on one end, and tie it in with the shiny side up so when folded over the dull side will be up.

3. Tie in mono around bend.

4. Tie in gold ribbing around bend.

Layout of body on hook

5. Dub very fine (used yellowish olive) for abdomen. About 2/3 of length.

6. In thorax area dub in a hot spot using orange. One or two turns.

7. Complete thorax using hare’s mask or squirrel with lots of guard hairs.

8. Half hitch at eye.

9. Rib with gold tensil to eye pulling ribbing deep into dubbing, about 5 or 6 turns.

10. Pull latex forward, tie off and half hitch again. Latex should be stretched so it covers back and comes down on sides. One of the tricks is to keep the latex down on either side of the body. Rib outside of latex with mono. Ribs can be between gold ribs or over gold ribs and pulled very hard to form segmentation. More outside ribs than gold ribs.

11. Tie off mono, create conical head and whip-finish. Brush abdomen and thorax out to create gills and legs respectively.

12. Color shellback appropriately (browns, olives, dark orange, etc.) using pantone pens and color head black.

Note: For turbid water use gold Kamasan grub hook and holographic tinsel for rib. Tie fly around curve of hook until it’s almost to the bottom of the flat section.

(Czech Republic, Oliver Edwards, Fly Fishing and Fly Tying, November/December 1996 page 24, April 1998, page 20, January 1997)

© Photo: Steve Sato. Documenting the tying steps: Herb Kettler 


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