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Polish Woven Nymph

Presented by Herb Kettler

Polish Woven Nymph

A generic design originated in Poland. Here tied by Oliver Edwards

Hook: Partridge L3A # 8, 10
or any dry fly # 8, 10
Thread: 8/0 tan or pale olive.
Weight: Thick lead sheet. (for cutting body shape)
Woven abdomen and thorax: 2 - Floss silks or any fairly thick thread similar to floss silk.
Colour combinations (any):
Dark color on top: Cream/Dark Tan
Light on bottom: Light Green/Dark Green
Abdomen and thorax: Light Olive/Dark Olive
Cream/Dark Olive
Light Tan/Dark Brown
Cream/Black, etc. etc. etc. Tyer chooses!
Rib over body of fly: Fine gold or copper wire.
For wing case: Black cock hackle. Optional.
For tail: Black quill feather. Optional.
Polish Woven Nymph, photo by Steve Sato

Polish Woven Nymph, photo by Steve Sato

Photos by Steve Sato. The fly is tied by Oliver Edwards.

Tying Instructions

1. Used Partridge Hooper hook #10.

2. Create long thin ellipsoid shaped piece of lead and tie in on top of the hook. Lead is thick lead from a golf club shop (~1/32"). Tie a second piece and tie and glue on top of the first one.

3. Tie in copper wire at the tail.

4. Tie in the tails. Fly can have tails or no tails, beard hackle or no beard hackle, black wing case or no black wing case.

5. Tie in floss light and dark colors back to the tail. Create a smooth underbody using tying thread.

6. Tie in wing case or wait and tie it in with copper wire.

7. Weave colors with dark on top and light on bottom to and around wingcase to head. Tie a simple overhand knot at the head.

8. Restart tying thread, tie off weaving thread and remove overhand knot.

9. Wrap copper wire in natural valleys along body. May tie in wing case at this point. Tie off copper wire at head.

10. Fold over wing case if included and tie off.

11. Coat top of body with flexament or other lacquer-like material until it shines.

12. Whip-finish


© Photo: Steve Sato. Documenting the tying steps: Herb Kettler 


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