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Emerging Dun

Presented by Herb Kettler

Emerging Dun
Originator: Oliver Edwards


Hook: Partridge O.E. K14ST # 16.
Thread: Spiderweb or equivalent.
Abdomen: Sparkle yarn. Color appropriate to abdomen of natural. Tans, browns, olives.
Wing case: Thin shiny foam. Used for book packing etc
Tails: Olive microfibbets or European badger.
Emerging wing: Natural grey or dun CDC.
Emerging Dun, photo by Steve Sato.
Photos by Steve Sato. The fly is tied by Oliver Edwards.

Tying Instructions

1. Tie in tails around bend so they are at a 30 angle to the hook shank.

2. Separate out two plys of sparkle yarn for a size 16. Thin or strip the end of the yarn with your fingernails so it can be tied in without bulk. Use capture and pull technique to gather just enough fibers to hold the yarn on the hook.

3. Twisting the yarn very tight to produce a segmented body, wrap forward about 1/2 the hook shank.

4. Tie in 2 small strips of thin shiny foam about 1/20" thick by about 1/10" wide.
5. Wrap 2 wraps of sparkle yarn over the foam.

6. Pile 4 CDC feathers on top of each other and take two thread wraps around the bundle with the stems pointing forward. Pull through by the butts to right length for emerging wing. Tips will be propped against sparkle yarn and stand up and back. Butts extend forward.

7. Take two more wraps of yarn very tight over butts.

8. Tie foam forward and cut off tips. Check bottom to make sure two pieces are separate creating the effect of a splitting shuck.

9. Separate out CDC barbs from quills at head of fly and cut out quills. Barbs are left at front as legs. They are divided into two bunches and tied down on either side of the head as legs.

10. Whip-finish head.

(Oliver Edwards’ Flytyers Masterclass, page 55)

© Photo: Steve Sato. Documenting the tying steps: Herb Kettler 


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