Swedish version

Big Brown

(Emerging Heptagenid)

Presented by Herb Kettler

Big Brown
Originator: Oliver Edwards


Hook: Partridge K14ST #10 or 12.
Thread: Powersilk - light brown.
Tails: Moose body hair.
Split wing case: 2.5 or 3 mm thick brown closed cell foam.
Abdomen: Hare's Mask.
Abdomen: Clear Antron or Z-lon.
Ribbing: Yellow button thread.
Legs: Deer hair dyed brown.
Emerging wing: Sandy tan CDC.
Big Brown, photo by Steve Sato
Photo by Steve Sato. The fly is tied by Oliver Edwards.

Tying Instructions

1. Tie in 3 tails 11/2 body length at 30 angle to hook shank. Separate tails with finger nail. Pass thread between the middle and far tails and once around in front of the tails and then between the near and middle tails.

2. Tie in length of button thread.

3. Cut very short pieces of clear antron and mix 50/50 with hare's mask. Gives translucent but spiky dubbing. Make a nice dubbing spindle with a taper and wind on so that body tapers as you dub forward. Dub 2/3 forward.

4. Rib with button thread.

5. Use toothbrush or velcro scrubber and brush it out. Brings out antron fibers to create a silver sheath and a haloing effect around the abdomen.

6. Cut V in foam (3/16" wide by 2.5 mm thick.) Tie in at back of thorax.

7. Take 3 good CDC plumes with straight shafts. Lay together curving same way and tie in by the butts just in front of the foam. Pull feathers back to bundle, close to the tips, but not too close. Tie in against foam. Trim off tips.

8. Spin small amount of hare's ear and dub to near eye. Covers thread wraps.

9. Take small clump of deer hair and crush tips in your hand. Crumple up the deer hair into a small ball in your hand. Spread out and dub onto the thread. Wrap forward. Don't crowd the eye of the hook. Stroke deer hair legs to the bottom.

10. Use dubbing needle (or bobbin) to fold CDC forward (keep feathers on top of each other) and tie in behind eye. Size of CDC loop represents how far wings are out.

11. Cut foam to about 1". Cut down middle with trembling hands. Cut up to wing buds. Bring foam around on either side of emerging wings. Hold together. Stretch very slightly and tie in. Trim foam so it flares very slightly over the tying off point.

12. Whip-finish.

13. Pick out legs and trim legs to about a body length.

14. Use dark pantone to bar emerging wing.

Oliver Edwards, Fly Fishing and Fly Tying, June 1998, page 46

© Photo: Steve Sato. Documenting the tying steps: Herb Kettler 


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