Swedish version

Olive Upside

(Swedish Upside)

Presented by Herb Kettler

Olive Upside (Swedish Dry)
Originator: Oliver Edwards


Hook: Partridge Swedish Dry K3A #14, 16.
Thread: 8/0 light olive.
Tails: Badger hair (European) dyed olive or brown.
Abdomen: Fine synthetic dubbing. - Grey, Fawn and light olive. Finesse #14, MC 29 & MC 3 (light olive) should blend OK.
Rib: #3 B.S. Mono
Hackle: Neck dyed pale olive. Blue dun neck.
Wing: Straight deer hair, medium fine. Light fawn (natural) and dyed grey or olive.
Olive Upside, photo by Steve Sato

Photo by Steve Sato. The fly is tied by Oliver Edwards.

Tying Instructions

1. Use k3A hook which has a v shaped notch at the front of the hook. One side of the V slopes to the front of the hook, the other side slopes to the back of the hook.

2. Tie on 3 badger fibers for tail angling slightly down. Pass the thread between the middle and far tails and then between the near and middle tails. Angle down about 5% from the line of the hook shank.

3. Tie in rib of clear mono.

4. Dub slight spindle with taper. Bring dubbing to first knuckle in hook.

5. Overlock dubbed abdomen with nylon mono in opposite direction. Tie off and crop off dubbing and mono.

6. Tie in hackle by the butt up the back sloping side of the v. Tie in up to the top of the V. Hide thread (abdomen) with dubbing. Hackle should be about a gap and 1/3.

7. Turn hook over in vise (tails between jaws.)

8. Take clump of deer hair, remove underfur, stack, remove short and long fibers. Wing length of body.

9. Tie clump in on front slope of v, sloping up (with hook upside down) and to the back. Tie in to notch of the v. Consolidate deer hair with loose wraps if there is too much flair. Trim off butts.

10. Dub over stem of hackle. Dub over stem of hackle. Drop thread forward of wing.

11. Wrap hackle around abdomen in back of wing with one turn in front of wing and tie off hackle.

12. Dub front section while holding hackle back.

13. Tie off, whip-finish.

14. Cut a V in bottom of hackle at front so the fly will sit up nicely.

(Oliver Edwards, Fly Fishing and Fly Tying, May 1999, page 24)

© Photo: Steve Sato. Documenting the tying steps: Herb Kettler 


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