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Mohican Mayfly

(Simplified and improved)

Presented by Herb Kettler

Mohican Mayfly
Originator: Oliver Edwards


Hook: Partridge International Middleweight CS7MW #10, 12
These are very short shank wide gape.
Thread: Powersilk or equivalent - white.
Abdomen: Sheet of thin (2 or 3 mm) fine closed cell foam in white or cream.
Tails: Moose mane or body hair.
Hackle: Natural Blue Dun Neck. Yellow dyed grizzle Neck.
Wing: Straight fibre about 11/4" Medium coarse.
Olive dyed Deer hair.
Yellow dyed Deer hair.
Grey dyed Deer hair.
New Sewing Needle very fine & long (2").
Mohican Mayfly, photo by Steve Sato

Photo by Steve Sato. The fly is tied by Oliver Edwards.

Tying Instructions

Note: The technique is very similar to what was described in Oliver Edward's Masterclass. I recommend you read that description first. The main difference is that the abdomen is created on the needle rather than being tied on the hook from the start. The needle technique simplifies it significantly.

1. Wrap tying thread around needle and then tie tails (4 moose hairs) on needle. Cut foam strip about 3 mm wide at ends and 2 mm wide in the middle. Kind of bowtie shaped. Fold tails back over needle. Press foam over needle and pull tails back through so they stick out. Slide foam right down to the tip of the hook wrap thread right up to the foam and then fold the foam forward (toward the eye.) Now wrap the thread around the foam to create an abdominal segment of about 3/16". Wrap thread forward on the needle about one segment and wrap around foam to create a second segment. Continue to wrap forward until you have created 6 segments.

2. Clip a clump of deer hair, stack and tie hair on hook with butts to the back. Lift hair up to form wing.

3. Take abdomen previously created and attach to hook by wrapping over the tails and thread in the core of the abdomen. Note that the two foam tabs on the abdomen extend forward around the wing and in front beyond the eye of the hook.

4. Wrap thread back to and use to create foam segments extending up the abdomen to just behind the wing. Pull the foam tabs up behind the wing.

5. Tie the hackle by the butt to the hook in front of the wing.

6. Wrap the hackle around the wing and the foam.

7. Pull the foam forward around the wing, over the hackle to the eye. Tie the foam tabs together just behind the hook eye.

8. Fold the foam tabs back to create a small head and tie them off and whip-finish.

Oliver Edwards’ Flytyers Masterclass, page 97 - Now simplified and improved.

© Photo: Steve Sato. Documenting the tying steps: Herb Kettler 


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