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Flyfishing for Grayling by John Roberts
ISBN 1-900318-11-3

  John Roberts’ first book, The Grayling Angler, came out in 1982. Since those far off days John has become well known both as a fisherman and as an author. From his first flyfishing efforts on the Yorkshire waters near his home, John has travelled far and wide in pursuit of grayling, gaining considerable experience in Scandinavia, Canada and the USA, fishing in company with some celebrated anglers and developing a remarkable knowledge of his quarry.

  This new book is the fruit of his many years’ quest as a grayling specialist. Illustrated with fine colour plates including some superb underwater shots from Michel Roggo and five full pages of grayling flies shot by Terry Griffiths, the book provides a comprehensive guide to the life cycle of the grayling, its habitat, distribution and food; there follows a full description of modern flyfishing methods, both dry fly and subsurface, and an extensive list of recommended grayling patterns which includes the very latest from Eastern Europe as well as the best traditional flies.

  This is an authoritative book of the greatest value to all grayling fishermen.

  The book is only availabel through Excellent Press in England.

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