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Red Tailed Emerger
Presented by Sean Andrews


Red Tailed Emerger
Red Tailed Emerger
Red Tailed Emerger, Black
Red Tailed Emerger Black

I developed this fly in the early spring of 1997 after fishing a lake several days after the ice had melted. Having had a frustrating day with limited success casting to Arctic Char that were feeding on midge pupa just under the surface I returned home to the vice to try and produce a fly that would be more effective.

I had taken some samples of the hatching chironomid home with me and noticed that nearly all of them had a small amount of red haemoglobin in the posterior of the abdomen. Could this be the trigger the char were looking for that meant the difference between success and failure!

After consulting several books I found a nymph pattern called The Red Butt Chironomid that was created by Brian Chan a fisheries Biologist living in the Kamloops region of British Colombia. This appeared to be the solution to the problem but I wanted a fly that would hang in the film so I tied it Klinkhamer style.

I returned to the lake the next day and fished the fly with considerable success. This fly has since then gone on to be successful in all kinds of situations both on rivers and lakes and I now tie two variations one with a pheasant tail body and another using the black tail feathers from a capercaille.

Last year I sent some samples to a friend in England and in the autumn I received a letter from him stating how successful this fly had been during his numerous visits to the River Test.

A harder testing ground for a pattern would be hard to find!

Red Tailed Emerger

Originator: Sean Andrews
Hook: Tiemco 205BL (or 200R) sizes 14-20
Wing post: Silicone Polypropylene
Butt: Red Floss
Body: Pheasant tail, (or black tail feathers from a capercaille for the black version)
Rib: Fine flat gold tinsel for the pheasant tail body (silver wire for the black version)
Thorax: Peacock herl
Hackle: Grizzly

Photo and text: Sean Andrews 2001 ©
Sean Andrews is a professional flytyer.


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