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Mega Diver

Presented by Niclas Andersson

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Originator: Larry Dahlberg

Hook: Mustad 3366 (light hook) or 34007 (saltwater) size: 2/0
Thread: A strong thread. I use so-called Nylon thread.
Tail: Pearl flashabou, Pearl crystal flashabou and white Big Fly fibers (Fishabou)
Front Body: White deer hair


Mega Diver is a fly especially developed for pike fishing by the American fly fisher Larry Dahlberg. He wanted to create a fly that had attractive movements and that would make lots of noise when retrieved. Most of all it should be useful at the surface in very shallow waters. It should also be easy to cast. The result was the Mega Diver with a trimmed front-body of deer hair and a rear body made of flashy synthetic materials. The trim makes the fly dive when stripped and pop up again when the retrieve is paused. On the dive the attached air bubbles come up to the surface making a popping sound.

1. Tie the tail that consists of a large pile of Pearl flashabou, an equally large pile of white Big fly fibers (Fishabou) and finally a smaller pile of Crystal Flash.. The total length is 25-35 cm. Hold the fiber ends together and brush forward with an old toothbrush to make the tail more dense. Varnish the thread to increase it’s durability.

Step 1.

2. Tie the deer hair in bunches with the same technique as on a Goddard’s Caddis until the entire hook shaft looks like a bushy hedgehog. End with two whip-finish knots and varnish.

Step 2.

3. Remove the fly from the vice and trim the deer hair flat on the underside. Then clip the front of the fly like a cone-shaped nose with the tip towards the eye of the hook. Only the longest deer hair at the end of the fly should be trimmed, to maintain the collar for diving. You can also add a weed guard to protect against getting weeds on your Mega Diver.

Step 3.

© Text & photo: Niclas Andersson
Translated into english by Ulrika Lindfors-Davis

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