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Fly Fishing Canada

Fly Fishing Canada, edited by Robert H. Jones (published by Johnson Gorman Publishers) offers the first comprehensive look at fly fishing in Canada, from coast to coast to coast.
Fly Fishing Canada, book cover

Hardcover 0-921835-56-6
6 x 9'', 544 pp, 275 color photos.
Release Canada: June 2001
Release USA: October 2001
No matter where one casts a fly in this country, the fishing is rivaled by few places in the world. Atlantic salmon in Newfoundland, Labrador, the Maritimes and Quebec; Pacific salmon in the Great Lakes and British Columbiašs ocean waters; pike, lake trout, arctic char, grayling and inconnu in the Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories; rainbow and brown trout in Saskatchewan and Manitoba; brook trout, muskie and Great Lakes steelhead in Ontario; ouananiche and smallmouth bass in Quebec; bull, cutthroat, brown and rainbow trout in Alberta; and steelhead and Kamloops trout in British Columbia list, but only a fraction of the species covered in this comprehensive fly fishing guide.

Canada's tens of thousands of miles of ocean coastline, hundreds of thousands of miles of streams and over one million lakes make knowing the whole of it an impossible dream for the single enthusiast. So thirty-three of Canadašs best-known outdoor writers and photographers, members of the Outdoor Writers of Canada, pooled their collective 1,200 years of fly-fishing experience. Collectively they have authored 28 books and over 15,000 articles in newspapers and sporting journals across North America. Now they share their knowledge and expertise about how, where and when to go fly-fishing for over 70 species from the Arctic to the Pacific to the Atlantic.

Editor Robert H. Jones is the fishing editor of BC Outdoors, associate editor of BC Sport Fishing and a frequent contributor to regional, national and international publications. He is a past president of the Outdoor Writers of Canada and a founding member of Fly Fishing Canada.

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