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New Zealand Trophy Waters



If you have never been fly fishing before, this video will show you what you have been missing!

This video features five weekend anglers, fishing some of the best waters in the world. The camera work and editing make this a real experience for the seasoned angler, and a visual delight to all those who appreciate the great outdoors.

New Zealand has long been one of the greatest trout fishing locations in the world, and this production shows why - with trophy fish being landed and released by five very talented weekend anglers.

81 minutes running time, available in PAL or NTSC.

The video is produced and sold by:

Deep Stream Productions
Welsh Road,
Deep Stream,
RD2, Outram,
New Zealand.

Contact person: Bruce Masson



Läs Niclas Anderssons recension av denna film



"A great video that shows how good fly fishing can be when you are fishing in New Zealand. In this video five fishermen are playing a lot of very large trout. Most of them caught when nymph fishing, but also some when using dry flies. The video is filled with long playing sequences and many great shots of beautiful trout. It is very nice to see that all trout are handled with care and put back into their natural surroundings."

Reviewed by "Honken"



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