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Royal Humpy
Presented by Sean Andrews

Royal Humpy, photo by Sean Andrews
Photo: Sean Andrews ©


The original yellow humpy has its origins somewhere in California; this fly is a variant of that pattern that is credited to Jack Dennis. I have had some success with this pattern on my home waters in Sweden where it has proved successful as a search pattern during the earlier part of the season usually in a size 14.

Later on in the fall when the hatches are sparse it has worked well for my grayling fishing, especially on the Idsjöströmmen of the Gim river in smaller sizes, usually 18īs.

The materials used in tying this fly give the pattern excellent floatability, incorporating a lot of deer hair, which contain air pockets within their fibres. This however is perhaps not such an important factor with modern day floatants it is now possible to make most flies float.

The bright white wings make the fly easy to see on the water especially in low light conditions, which is a good attribute for people like me with my eyesight not being what it was twenty years ago.

It was whilst fishing New Zealand’s wilderness rivers that this fly proved to be invaluable. These backcountry rivers very rarely have heavy hatches and the most common patterns are bug like search patterns. New Zealand’s gin clear waters give an opportunity to see just how fish react to certain flies and on the whole this one met with their approval.

Not the easiest pattern to tie but well worth the effort. The Yellow, Red and Green variants will all prove to be worthwhile having in the fly box, whichever part of the world you may find yourself in.

Hook: Standard dry fly hook 8-20
Tail: Dark Deer Hair
Thread: Red
Under body: Tying thread or floss
Wings: Calf body Hair
Hackle: Brown

Photo and text: Sean Andrews 2002 ©

Sean Andrews is a professional flytyer.


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