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Insect net for the fly fishermen

I often feel the need to do a small inventory over which insect that for the moment are active in the water I fish. Nowadays there are a very clever invention for us to use at these occasions.

by "Honken"


It is always interesting for us fly fishermen to know which insects are active in the water we fish. A insect inventory gets you a very important list of all imitations that are interesting for you to tie on to the leader. You also receive the information on which levels in the water you should present your flies. The equipment for making these inventories that have been available until know have been either to small to do the job or too big to carry around. Small insect nets have been for sale for a long time but they are too small to provide a quick response of the insect population and they also add to the number of equipment we fly fishermen today carries around. Another alternative is the home made net that you stretch between two small poles which you hold down in the stream. It works well but is too big to bring on every fishing trip so often you will leave it home.

If you have been fly fishing for many years you have probably learn how to bring down your equipment to a minimum. So you have a dilemma; you don't want to add more things to your west or fishing bag but you really like to do quick insect inventories.

Quick Seine

I have lately tested a new aid to solve this dilemma. It is a option for your landing net. It is a small pouch that you fasten to your net, you are not even aware of its presence until you need it. Then you just bring it out from the pouch and stretch it over the net frame. A couple of scoops and you have a net full of important information that will help you to a successful fishing trip.

This equipment are called Quick Seine™, and are manufactured and sold by Angling Designs in Denver, Colorado, USA (http://www.anglingdesigns.com).

It is available in two different sizes: Regular: fits nets up to 9"W x 13"L and size Large fits nets up to 10,5"W x 18,5"L.

Quick Seine

I have tested this equipment during the Spring fishing this year in my local streams and I have nothing to complain about. I have used it every time and it have not failed once.

I have during the years reduced the fly fishing equipment that I carry around when fishing to a minimum so I am very skeptic to make any addition to it. But I have become a big fan of this tool, so the Quick Seine™ are nowadays a important part of my fly fishing package.

So do your self a favor and test this tool, I can highly recommend it.

"Honken" 2002

For more info on the Quick Seine™ go the the webiste:




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