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Olive Dun SSRF
Presented by Gianluca Nocentini

Olive Dun SSRF, photo: Andrea Limberti

Some years ago I read an article, on flyfisherman, about a fly made with a new hair from the snowshoe rabbit's foot (the artic rabbit). I asked some friends who went in the USA for finding this material;

Finally after few months I received this snowshoe rabbit's foot.

Snowshoe rabbit's foot, photo: Andrea Limberti
Snowshoe rabbit's foot

This is a great material, floats better than Cdc and it is stronger.

The original pattern "usual" is made entirely with this, the body with the underfur (light gray colour) and the tail and the wing with the hair (white/cream colour).

From years I have made and tried experimental patterns with this.

Now I tye patterns of dry flies and emergers in different colours; I have fished with this flies in all european waters,from Austria to Finland, from spain to Norway, with a very good number of catches. 


Pattern description:

Hook: standard dry fly 14-18
Thread: olive
Tail: Snowshoe rabbit's Foot Hair
Body: Squirrel dubbing olive or seal fur
Wing: Snowshoe Rabbit's Foot Hair

This fly may be tyed in many colours: gray, olive, red, brown, yellow in size 14-18, black in size 18-20

Photo: Andrea Limberti
Text: Gianluca Nocentini


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