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Kalax Flytesting Device

Kalax Flytesting Device

Take your fly tying to a new level

The Kalax float pipe and flytester, manufactured by Kalax Vision Ltd. in Finland, provides new fascinating aspects and experiences for a fly-fisher tying various kinds of sinking flies, salmon-flies and streamers. The Kalax illustrates the swimming of the fly in its true colours in water, and allows to watch the fly from all angles.

  • The Kalax shows you:
  • The fly in its own circumstances
  • How the wings behave underwater
  • The visibility of the wing
  • How different materials affect the position of the hook
  • The translucence of wing and different kinds of dubbing materials
  • How the fly swims and behaves in different water speeds and streams

Fully adjustable water flow speed makes it possible to find the ideal stream level for the fly. The fly swims in a transparent pipe and the surface flow does not disturb the swimming. The Kalax is manufactured environmental friendly of natural wood from Finland, with a few cover parts of plastic.

Close up of the fly in the transparent pipe
Close up of the fly in the transparent pipe

The Kalax operates with 100-240 Voltage, and the package includes an adapter.

  • Input 100-240 V.
  • Output 12 V 2500 mA.
  • Transparent float area 5 x 4 x 20cm
  • Max. water speed 1,2m/sec.

To buy this product visit this website: JW Fly Design

For further information, reviews, images and video clips visit: www.kalax.net

Contact information:

Kalax Vision Ltd
Ammestie 3
FIN-43900 Kinnula

Sales Manager Juhana Erelä

Ph : +358 40 7011978
Fax : +358 6 861 1569




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