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The Flame Sedge
Presented by Goran Grubic

The Flame Sedge, by Goran Grubic

In 1988 I went on a camping and fishing trip with my friend and his brother who had very poor eyesight. It was not easy for him to follow even heavily palmered flies on large hooks. I tried to develop a sedge dry fly imitation that can be easily spotted in any light condition and from some distance. The idea was to put hot orange deer hair on top of the normal dark deer hair wing – so that the fly looks like normal sedge from below and like a little orange flame from the above.

Today the Flame Sedge became essential part of my dry fly collection. The fly became standard in my friends collections too. Many other dry imitations of sedge and stoneflies can be tied the same way. They float very well, are strong and long lasting flies.

Tying details:

Hook: Any dry fly model # 8-16
Thread: Brown Uni
Body: Dark Reddish Brown Fly-Rite (#28)
Body hackel: Metz brown, short
Collar hackel: Metz brown somewhat longer than the body hackle
Wing: dark brown deer hair with 15-20 fibers of hot orange deer hair on top of it


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