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Thorax Dun
Presented by Gianluca Nocentini
Photo: Andrea Limberti

Thorax Dun

I come across the thorax dun many years ago, it is as many others renowened flies, an american pattern. The first flyfisherman who tied this type of pattern, (made it with the wings further back on the hook than the traditional fly, crisscrossing the wings with 2 hackles of different size) was Vincent Marinaro, a great and innovative flyfisherman and flytier.

He changed the style of the traditional fly, studying the behaviour of selective trouts to be able to make a more realistic imitation and a better silhouette.

Mike Lawson, another renowened flyfisherman, tied the thorax dun in a much simplier way. He wind the hackle before and after the wing and then trimmed a "V" in the hackle on the underside of the fly. So the fly sits low in the water with a great silhouette, a good floatibility and high visibility.

Pattern description:

Hook: dry fly size 14-20
Thread: 6/0 prewaxed
Wing: light dun turkey flat
Tail: microfibre divided
Body: fine poly or fur
Hackle: light or medium dun

Thorax Dun
The position of the wing on the body

Thorax Dun
The tail divided

Thorax Dun
The hackle winded before and after the wing

Thorax Dun
The finished fly with the hackle cut like a "v" on the bottom


Photo: Andrea Limberti
Text: Gianluca Nocentini


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