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Some good flies for Slovenian rivers

By Danjel Radetic
Photo by Karlo Ferletic



Pink katjica, CdC emerger

Pink katjica, CdC emerger

Hook: Tiemco 2487BL, 14-18
Tying silk: White
Body: Pink haretron or substitute
Rib: Silver tinsel
Wings: Pink CdC
Head: Clear varnish

This is one of my favourite patterns. It catches both trout and grayling and it is very easy to tie. You can use it during a hatch or when there is no surface activity. It is a real killer.

These are some fish caught with this fly: Grayling: 48cm, Marble trout: 55cm, Brown trout: 42cm, Hybrid trout: 43cm, Rainbow trout: 47cm.



Rado’s stimulator, Dry fly

Rado’s stimulator, Dry fly

Hook: Tiemco 102Y 13
Tying silk: Black
Tail: Natural deer hair
Body: Light brown poly-yarn
Rib: Pearl mylar
Body hackle: Rusty brown cock hackle
Wing: Natural deer hair
Hackle: Two turns of rusty brown cock hackle
Head: clear varnish

Try this variant of the American fly in fast, streaming water. It is also good for graylings.



Rumen mini, mini streamer

Rumen mini, Mini streamer

Hook: Gatti 1550 8-10 with medium gold ball
Tying silk: White
Tail: Yellow or orange rabbit fur
Body: Yellow hare’s ear
Rib: Silver tinsel
Thorax: Bronze peacock herl
Head: Clear varnish

A good mini streamer for rainbow. You can use also green, black and browns for brown trout.



Orange head, heavy streamer

Orange head, Heavy streamer

Hook: Tiemco 5262 2-10 with lead head painted in orange with black eyes
Tying silk: White
Tail: Black marabou with some strands of crystal flash
Body: Black chenille
Body hackle: Black hen
Thorax: Orange Antron yarn
Thorax hackle: Light brown cock
Head: Clear varnish

This is a heavy streamer for marble trout (salmo trutta marmorata). This fish lives on the bottom of alpine rivers, so you need a good weighted fly. Fish it in rainy days when the water is high or even murky. The smaller sizes are good for rainbows, the bigger ones can be used for pike tied without the lead head.


Flies by Danjel Radetic and Photo by Karlo Ferletic © 2003


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