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The Atlantic Salmon Atlas

The Atlantic Salmon Atlas

  One of the great attractions of angling for Atlantic salmon is that our pursuit of Salar takes us to some of the most beautiful places on earth. And one of the pleasures of a fishing trip to a distant river lies in the weeks of planning and anticipation. With the information found in this book we hope the reader will be able to plan many memorable fishing trips. Therešs nothing else quite like it on the market.

The Atlantic Salmon Atlas, by Roy Arris & Malcolm Greenhalgh, is a wealth of information about where to go, when to go and who to contact for fishing when planning a salmon fishing trip . The book contains information about 327 waters from Canada to the Kola. Each river's entry contains notes on river character (type of pools, width, flow, etc.), fishing methods and best flies, season dates, timing of runs and best weeks, and primary booking contacts. The text is also littered with anecdotes and historical reference.

Particularly noteworthy is the extensive booking information given for each of the rivers in the eight major regions he surveys. This detail alone makes the atlas imperative for the travelling angler. Taken from Richard Nightingalešs Foreword.

Specifications: 286 pages of text illustrated with 140 colour photographs and maps. Page size - 250mm x 285mm (9.8 x 11.25 ins). Bound with hard cover and dust wrapper.

327 rivers/lwaters listed: Canada (40), Ireland (36), Scotland (70), England & Wales (30), Iceland (29), Norway (79), Sweden & Finland (22), and Russia's Kola Peninsula (10).

Some of theose featured are:
EUROPE - Spey, Tay, Blackwater, Umba, Dart, Conwy, Langa, Lune, Mörrum, Naver, Wye, Kalix, Beauly, Ponoi, Moy, Tweed, Grimsa, Findhorn, Lochy, Foyle, Breiddalsa, Yokanga, etc. Norway - Alta, Namsen, Gaula, Orkla, Stjordal, Lakselv, Etne, Eira, Aroy, Driva, Rauma, Bjora, Beiar, Maals, Reisa, Borselv, Tana, Surna, etc. CANADA - Restigouche, Moisie, Cascapedias, Miramichi, Bonaventure, St. Jean, Matapedia, Saint-Paul, Eagle, Adlatok, Jupiter, George, Natashquan, etc.

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