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Angler's Paradise

- The CD Anglerīs Paradise ­ music composed by Göran Cederberg ­

Is a delicate instrumental journey mixed with natural sounds, that capture the music of rivers and reflect back to us not only the great joy of flyfishing for trout and salmon in streaming waters, but also the beauty of nature.

This enchanting piece of music gently creates a positive sense of well-being and reminds us of our genuine angling spirit.

Angler's Paradise is composed especially for angler's and sportfishermen. A charming peace of music including nature sounds from his beloved fishing waters.

1. Echos from Itchen
2. Home Pool, part 1
3. Ring of a Rise
4. The Journey to Mosquito River
5. Jewels in the Stream
6. Golden Hours
7. A Day in Dream Pool - inkl Home Pool parts 2 & 3
8. Fishing Fever - inkl. Home Pool pool, part 4

Play time: 63 min.

Göran Cederberg is an enthusiastic and highly experienced sportfisherman, who has been fishing since childhood. He is a long-time contributor to sportfishing media and has written numerous books for an international audience. Now he have resumed his music interest and is also writing "angling music".

CD are sold through Göran Cederbergs website: http://www.cederberg.se



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