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Salmon flies presented by Scotty Howell

As a resident of the Pacific Northwest I consider myself extremely lucky. My beautiful patch of the woods boasts not only some of the finest sport fishing in America, it’s also home (or has been home) to some of the most respected and talented flytyers anywhere. ‘Locals’ like Alec Jackson, Ronn Lucas, Steve Gobin, and John Shewey have not only influenced scores of tyers, they have graciously and willingly shared their wisdom and tying techniques.

While my flytying may have a decidedly Northwest flavor, my work has been profoundly and indelibly affected by the work of many gifted Scandinavian tyers. Erling Olsen (especially Erling Olsen!), Jan Faltin, Jurij Shumakov, and Petru Dima are just a few of "your" artists that never cease to amaze me with their prowess at the vise. Like their counterparts on this side of the Atlantic, they not only inspire fellow tyers, but also share so much of their talents and themselves with others.

All that being said, I hope you’ll enjoy the flies and patterns that I share with you. After all, isn’t "haring" what angling and tying is all about?

Scotty Howell, Bothell, Washington


Gold Butt Faux Plum

Gold Butt Faux Plum

Hook: Daiichi 2051 Size #3
Tag: Fine Silver Oval Tinsel
Tail: Orange-dyed GP Tippets
Butt: Golden Yellow Glass Beads
Body: Lucas' 'Plum' (S57) Iridescent Dubbing
Rib: Small Silver Oval Tinsel
Collar(s): Sparse Purple Hen Hackle under Purple Guinea Fowl
Wing: Polar Bear accented w/ a few strands of Silver Holographic Lite-Brite
Head: Danville no-wax 6/0 Purple (#92) Flymaster thread



Jan's Mysen (Northwest Variant)

Jan's Mysen (Northwest Variant)

Hook: Alec Jackson Spey (Daiichi #2050 or #2051) Size #7 through #1.5 or Partridge CS10/1 Size #6 through #1/0
Tag: Copper Twist
Tail: Hot Red Saddle Hackle fibers over G.P. Rump Feather fibers
Butt: Yellow Ostrich Herl
Body: 1/3 Lucas' Peacock Iridescent Dubbing, 2/3 Brown Ostrich Herl
Collar(s): Hot Orange Hen hackle under Natural Brown Hen Hackle
Wing: Fox Squirrel accented with Blue Lite Brite
Head: Glasso or Pale Orange thread


The Avon

The Avon

Hook: Alec Jackson Spey (Daiichi 2051) Size #1.5
Tip/Tag: Fine Silver Oval Tinsel and Pearl Mylar
Tail: Small Peacock Swords
Butt: Olive-dyed Ostrich Herl
Body: 1/3 Benecchi's Red Iridescent Thread, 2/3 William Servey's Black Dubbing
Rib: Small Oval Silver Tinsel behind Pearl Mylar Tinsel
Collar(s): Sparse Red Hen Hackle under Natural Badger Hen Hackle
Wing: Natural Grey Squirrel Tail accented with sparse strands of Silver Holographic Lite Brite
Head: Red Danville 6/0 no-wax Flymaster thread and Silver Flashabou

Tyers note(s) - This semi-original Steelhead pattern is actually a 'tied-in-reverse' rendition of Don Johnson's wonderful Soft Hackle fly, the
Super Nova.

By Scotty Howell 2004 ©




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