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Fly Fishing Woman - Explore Alaska
By Cecilia "Pudge" Kleinkauf’

Cecilia "Pudge" Kleinkauf’s Book, "Fly Fishing Woman - Explore Alaska"

Book review by Dan Fallon

In the recent past I have had the honor of meeting and writing about Ms. Kleinkauf and her exciting life as one of the most respected woman fly fishers in Alaska. When one thinks about Alaska and the unlimited opportunities that exist for all fly fishers, the image of that grey haired certainly well heeled male standing in perfect waters holding huge salmon or trout usually comes to mind. The reality is woman have become the largest new population in global fly fishing, each year far more ladies are picking up long thin fly rods and becoming most proficient. The question I hear most often is "Can woman actually learn from other woman." Yes of course they can, Pudge has been a staunch advocate of woman teaching woman the complexities for many years. In my mind it makes excellent sense and I applaud her energy and true hands on knowledge of the sport and Alaskan waters. "Fly Fishing Woman" is a wonderful book published by Epicenter Press, edited by Kent Sturgis an Alaskan regional publishing house. When I heard about this book and the fact Pudge wrote it and it’s photo’s shot by Michael DeYoung, I could not wait to review it! First the photo’s are truly sublime, Alaskan colors, great fish shots, shots of woman learning and catching releasing serious fish.

This book from page one contains excellent maps of prime fishing grounds and is quite concise in regard to throwing flies in places like Kodiak Island, The Talachulitna River, Tangle lakes, Brooks River, Aniak River. In the rear section of the book many photos of Alaskan Flies and exactly how to tie them are clearly laid out. What a joy to read this book, I highly recommend anyone interested in Alaskan fly fishing or any woman thinking about getting into the sport cannot go wrong starting with this little treasure. The real essence of "Fly Fishing Woman" for me is the sincere, caring fashion the book is written.

Pudge is already world famous for her Alaskan fly exploits and quite well known in regard to her teaching woman the sport. The grand surprise is the book takes you step by step as students first get on streams and hook up to wild salmon and trout. You feel as if your right there with student and teacher and you can feel the excitement when the first fish is on. Now the best news is after these fish are hooked, Pudge walks her students easily and with humor through all the pitfalls of actually landing and gently releasing fish. I loved reading these anecdotes and looking at the drama on the students face’s, what fun! Those of us who have met Pudge are united in feeling the natural grace and dedication she easily emotes, even if your not a fly fisher her spirit is infectious and the quality of the writing alongside breath taking Alaskan photos make the book a grand gift.

Contact Cecilia "Pudge" Kleinkauf in Anchorage Alaska (907) 274-7113 or on the web Pudge@womansflyfishing.net

Review by Dan Fallon © 2004




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