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Chartreuse Mudbug
by Fox Statler

Chartreuse Mudbug

Fox’s Chartreuse Mudbug

Hook: Daiichi #1750, Size 4-8
Body Lead: For #4 hook use 6 wraps of .035 lead wire, #6 hook use 6 wraps of .030 lead wire, #8 hook use 6 wraps of .025 lead wire.
Thread: Fluorescent Orange, 8/0 Uni-Thread.
Back & Tail: Chartreuse, Swiss Straw.
Antennae: 2 Mini (#0), Speckled Red, Centipede Legs by Montana Fly Co. about 3-inches long or one strand cut in half.
Pinchers: 2 made from feathers from the same general area of a Dyed Over Golden Yellow Pheasant.
Eyes: Gold, I-Balz by Spirit River, Inc. for #4 hooks use 1/4 inch size, #6 hook use 3/16 inch size, #8 hook use size 5/32 inch.
Dubbing Yarn: Yellow, Sparkle Yarn by Spirit River, Inc.
Legs: Chartreuse, 4 Medium (#2) Centipede Legs by Montanta Fly Co. about 3-inches long or two strands cut in half.

Go to Fox's article on Mudbugs for tying instructions


Text and photo by Fox Statler, "Mr. Sowbug" © 2004




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