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Jay’s Jewelwing
Fam: Calopterygidae
by Jason Akl

Jay’s Jewelwing by Jason Akl

Hook: Mustad 37160, Size #16
Tail: twisted green nylon
Eye’s: Black bead chain links
Abdomen (thorax): 2 strands Peacock Hearl
Shellback: Black Muscovy Duck Feather (fixed)
Thread: Black 6/0
Legs: Paint Brush bristles
Wings: 4 black hackles

Start this fly taking a piece of green nylon and cutting it into strips 5 inches long. Take one end of the nylon and lock it in a hemostat if you keep one at you fly tying desk or just a binder clip. With you other hand start to twist the other end in any direction you want, but always turning the same way. If you twist the nylon enough you will feel it trying to pull itself together and ball up. Slowly bring the ends of the nylon closer to each other allowing the spun nylon to wind itself into a long braid.

Once you have finished the extended body set it aside for a minute (if you twisted it tight enough it will not unravel by it self). Place your hook into your vice and attach the thread behind the hook eye. Tie down the extended body and wrap it with thread till you reach the point where the hook starts to bend down.

Cut a small section for a muscovy duck feather and fix it with dave's flexament. Tie down the prepared feather facing over the back of the hook and advance your thread to the hook eye. Using a figure eight pattern tie in the pair if bead chain eyes. while wrapping your thread back to the tail section stop at the 1/2 mark on the hook shank.

Tie in two bristles from a paint brush, leaving equal amounts extending from both sides of the fly. apply a bit of crazy glue to the legs tie in point to really lock them in place.

Once you are done with the legs tie in three peacock herls and cover them with thread till you reach the tail. Twist the herls into a rope and wind forward creating a thick full body. Tie off the herls behind the eyes and pull the shell back forward tying it off behind the eyes but not cutting the extra end yet.

Behind the eyes tie in the four (2 per side) hackle which you have stripper 3/4 of the way up. Making sure to tie them in shiny side out. Pull the remaining fixed black feather over the eyes and tie off. Whip finish and cement the head. Crimp the legs at a downward angle with pliers to give a realistic look.

By Jason Akl © 2004




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