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Christmas Minnow
by Ramiro Garcia Malbran

Christmas Minnow

I made this fly 8 years ago for fishing pike in Finland, it is inspired from a Malbran Fly (that I used whith success in the Parana river,
fishing dorados ). I got a lot of pike and perch on that travel and after that day it's a fly that I use at many different destinations catching a large variety of species (warm waters and saltwaters)

Hook: all sizes, straight shank
Tail: christmas decoration (tinsel, flashabou), twisted and streched.
Body: christmas decoration (tinsel, flashabou), twisted, streched and trimmed
Throat: red fibers
Eyes: stick-on eyes
Back: permanent marquer, black

Every mesh of the material (christmas decoration) that you tie on the hook must be twisted, that gives volume and reflect the ligth in all directions.

1. Take a mesh of cristhmas decoration and tie the first part of the tail, it must be 1/3 shorter than the final size of the tail (in that way the tail will not "fall" when fishing ). If you want more movement you can tie directly a long tail.

Step 1.

Step 2.


2, 3. Tie the half of a long mesh over the place where you tied the first one, after that turn the other half. Tie some of the fibers over the shank and others down. You can repeat this more times if you want more fibers on the tail.

Step 3.


4. Take a shorter mesh and try to tie on the fibers all around the shank, after that turn the other half and tie it in the same way.

Step 4.


5, 6. Repeat the same operation until you get close to the eye of the hook.

Step 5.

Step 6.


7. Before arriving to the eye, tie some red fibers to form the throat.

Step 7.

Step 7


8. Trim the body whith scissor

Step 8


9. Put the eyes on and paint the back of the fly, you can put epoxi on the head (optional)

Step 9. Finished fly


Here are two variants of the fly where I made the back and part of the tail using syntetic hair:

2254.jpg (32527 bytes)

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