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by Ramiro Garcia Malbran

Malbran, by Ramiro


This is the fly Malbran. It is my original fly for imitating the "Mojarra", (typical bait fish from South America). This fish are flat and have a large profile, all the predators in the region like them so its a very good fly to use from the area north of Buenos Aires (Parana delta) to Mato Grosso in Brazil (you can there find the same species; traira, cachorra, dorado, pira putanga, pintado...).

The Malbran, front view Christmas Minnow, front view

Comparing front view of the Malbran and the Christmas Minnow


Adapting the size and the colors of the back we can represent a large variety of fish bait so its a fly you can use in a lot of situations (in fact I been using it in Patagonia with the sea running trout of the Rio Gallegos)
This fly imitates a little hareng. It's works very good for pike fishing in Europe. Depending of the region where you fish you maybe need to change the color of the back

Hook: all sizes, straight shank
Tail: Christmas decoration (silver and blue) streched and twisted
Body: Christmas decoration (silver and blue) streched and twisted
Throat: Red fibers
Eyes: stick-on eyes

1 to 3: Make the tail like a Christmas Minnow.

4: Put a mesh of sintetic hair (Christmas decoration, blue) or substitub to simulate the top of the tail.

5: When the tail is ready, start tying a shorter mesh (silver) down the shank of the hook. The mesh must be presented and tied in an angle of 45% with the shank, all the fibers must be oriented in this direction (don't leave fibers at the sides of the fly).

6: Do the same with a blue mesh but this time on the top of the shank.

7-8: Same process ones more on top (blue fibers), ones more on bottom (silver fibers).

9: Before arriving to the eye, tie some red fibers to form the throat.

10: Trim the body with scissor, put the stick-on eyes (you can use epoxi to fix them).

11: Fly finished


Step 1.


Step 2.


Step 3.


Step 4.


Step 5.


Step 6.


Step 7.


Step 8.


Step 9.


Step 10.


Step 11.


Malbran, by Ramiro
Finished fly


The original Malbran, by Ramiro
The original Malbran fly


Text and photos by Ramiro Garcia Malbran © 2004




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