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 Compass CayakT

  Compass CayakT ("pronounced "kayak") has recently introduced four new CayaksT for the fast growing sport of kayak fishing.

  We married the speed, stability, and ease of paddling a kayak with the gear carrying capacity, openness, and comfort of a canoe thus creating a CayakT. The Compass CayakT has a rounded hull shape with no rocker for speed and is quicker than kayaks the same length. Stability is better than a canoe and equal to most kayaks. The seat is on the floor like a kayak and a double bladed paddle is used like a kayak but it's even easier to paddle because it's lighter, MUCH LIGHTER!!! 

  Our 10'6" Streamer weighs just 18 LBS and the 12'9" Tippet weighs just 22 LBS! Unlike a conventional kayak, they have tons of space for camping gear, a picnic lunch, fishing tackle and space to take home your catch. The open cockpit means instant access to everything while out on the water. No deck means no claustrophobia and no need to learn how to Eskimo Roll. Greater comfort comes from the hull shape that lifts the CayakT up and over boat wakes and harbor chop.

  Traditional kayak hulls are designed to drive through waves and wakes, which make them very wet necessitating decks and spray skirts. The standard seats are designed with high, supporting backrests for people with bad backs. They fold down and lock for car topping. Kayak foot braces are standard as well so people can change leg positions easily. 

  For dedicated fishermen who are on the water for three or four hours, these comfort features are important. The marriage between the two hull types has been perfect and the reception has been fantastic.

  Find our more about Compass Fishing CayaksT at www.fishingcayak.com or call toll-free at 1 888 642 9929 for a brochure.

Contact: Joel Flather, Owner
Compass CayakT 
2 Mullin Hill Road
Little Compton, RI 02837 USA


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