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Step by step tying sequence
on half-inch tube of "Long range" type
By Jurij Shumakov

Page 3.


  The tying sequence continues.

  15. Apply a few strips of the desired flashy material over the wing section. In our case it is Midge Crystal hair.

Step 15.

  16. Apply the second hackle using same method as the first one. Sometimes, in case of complicated front hackle, second hackle is applied over the first one. It helps to build very compact multi-colored front hackle.

Step 16a.

Step 16b.

Step 16c.

  17. Prepare and apply the second section of the wing very tightly to the second hackle. Make it longer than first one by about 1-2 cm. Remember that fixing the section of the wing on the necked plastic leads to the loss of the section or whole wing. Don't forget to apply tying thread as the base before tying hair section.

Step 17.

  18. Remove excess hair with scalpel.

Step 18a.

Step 18b.

  19. Apply desired flashy material.

Step 19.

  20. Apply third front hackle.

Step 20a

Step 20b

  21. Prepare and apply third section of the wing very tightly to the third hackle.

Step 21

  22. Remove excess hair with scalpel.

Step 22

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Text and photo by Jurij Shumakov 2005


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