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Step by step tying sequence
on half-inch tube of "Long range" type
By Jurij Shumakov

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  31. A few variants how you can use different hook with tube fly of this type.

Treble hook

Treble hook

Pic.2 Double hook points down

Double hook points down

Double hook points up

Double hook points up

Single hook points down

Single hook points down

Pic.4 Single hook points up

Single hook points up


  A few last words on why I prefer half-inch tube flies.

  I especially enjoy tying and fishing with this type of tubes the following reasons:

  1. It is quite easy to tie.

  2. It is a very flexible type of carrier, which allows you to apply different techniques and styles of tying.

3. With a reasonable size of hook, the fly is quite nicely balanced, and stays well in stream.

  4. You just need to bring a couple of hooks with you, while you can carry hundreds of flies. It gives you also the opportunity to quickly increase or decrease the size of hook while you fish.

  5. You never face a situation when you loose your last successful fly, if after an inaccurate cast your fly hits bank stone and looses its point. You just replace the hook.

  6. The fly is very robust and can survive under many takes. There are no body materials, which could be ruined by fish teeth.

  7. Different types of hooks can be used with this fly: singles, doubles and trebles.

  8. Single or double hook can be set point up using dense silicone connection tubing (3 outer/1 inner diameter). This is particular helpful when bottom dragging fishing is performed. Doubles are better to use with a brass tube. In this case, fly swims stable on its keel.

  9. You can use free-swinging hook on rapid parts of river.

  10. Hook is situated under front or medium section of fly. According to my observation, over 95% of fish I hooked were hooked in jaws or scissors, and almost never in gills. This is quite important for those who care about Salmon, and fish under "Catch and Release" rules. Chances for kelts to survive are very high too.


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Text and photo by Jurij Shumakov 2005


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