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  Humbling experience on the Muncy creek
By Julian C Bixler

  Just wanted to relate an extremely humbling experience.
I, just yesterday, while in midstream on the Muncy creek delayed harvest stretch in Northcentral Pennsylvania. Temp was a cool 55 degrees, water was still quite cold and crystalline.

  After wading a few hundred yards, without any evidence of our flashy little friends, I encountered a pool of 25 to 27 trout (i prefer odd numbers, hence the odd estimation).

  I believed I was about to experience a happenstance of extreme infrequency... Bonding with my newfound fishy friends in complete solitude. Nervously tying on a beaded prince, I kept an eye on this fine group of swimmers. I chuckled to myself and made my first cast; expecting soon to feel the weight of one on my rod. They, in their troutish indifference, responded by avoiding my offering.

  Unbefuddled, I chose secondly a #10 stonefly with much the same results. Still unfettered, third selection was a #14 hare's ear. My 11th or 13th choice (odd numbers again) was the culmination of going from the sublime to the downright ridiculous....A #4 yellow stonefly nymph which I could easily follow as it rolled downstream, also met with the before mentioned indifference. Changed to a 1.5 pound tippet and repeated the process... again nothing. Threw them gnats, ants, ladybugs and even floated an irresistible (which by the way isn't).

  After 5 to 7 hours, my back ached as much as my head and relieved by the necessity of my departure I quietly, and assuredly, vowed I would return as soon as I refilled my valium prescription, seen my shrink and gone to confession to receive redemption for the blue streak I hissed as I skulked away from the stream. By the way, I'm sure I heard laughter behind me as I slipped onto the seat of my waders while traversing the steep bank.

By Julian C Bixler 2005 ©


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