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Fly-fishing on the south-side of the Alps - Italy
by Robert Pegoretti at Pension Sonnheim

  Our region is famous for the Dolomites, the good wine, the excellent food, the fabulous landscape and not to forget for the Ötzi, the 5000 years old iceman found here 13 years ago.

  Flyfishing is not a common sport in South Tyrol, but we have a lot of beautiful rivers, where to practice this kind of fishing.

  The Etsch, the Eisack, the Passer, the Talfer, the Falschauer with their affluents, and some beautiful mountain lakes are populated with marmorata trouts, rainbow trouts, farios, brook trouts and graylings.

  The fishing season goes from the 2nd Sunday in February to the 30th of November.
The mountain rivers open in May and close at the end of September.
The rate for the different permits (we can make permits for more than 200km) goes from Euro 12 to Euro 25. (National Fishing-Permit aprox. Euro 30) (This info is valid for 2005)

  We also organize excursions to mountain lakes at 2100mt where you can fish lucky brook trouts.

  Robert, a passionated flyfisher himself, makes the fishing permits for house guests of the Pension Sonnheim and helps the fisherman to choose the right water.

  But also for the not fishing familiy are various possibilities as cycling, swimming, horseriding, walking, shopping and of course, relaxing.

  Gargazon is an ideal starting point for excursions: Garda Lake 150 km, Verona 150 km, Venice 300 km, Innsbruck 150 km.

  The nearest Airport is ABD Air-Bolzano-Dolomiti in Bolzano. Other airports: Verona, Treviso, Bergamo, Innsbruck.

  Air Alps offers short flights from Amsterdam, Munich and Rome to Bolzano. Ryanair offers short flights to Treviso and Bergamo with quick transfers to South Tyrol.

For further information please contact:

Robert and Verena Pegoretti
Pension Sonnheim
Vöranerweg 11
I-39010 Gargazon

Tel. + Fax: 0039-0473-292347


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