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Fly Casting Faults and Fixes
Mel Krieger

Photo by Ben Blackwell © 2005
Photo by Ben Blackwell © 2005

Reviewed by Magnus Angus, quoted with permission from Fly Fishing and Fly Tying, December 2005

  With absolutely no unnecessary casting-babble Krieger explains the basic mechanics. Understand this and you understand the principles.

  As in his previous videos and DVDs Krieger glows with infectious enthusiasm. He clearly enjoys what he's doing and does it well. The quality of image and sound on this DVD is high.

  Flycasting Faults & Fixes is a deceptively simple production. Krieger stands by a lake, demonstrates and talks. That's it! No fancy locations, no fishing, and no fish - well, I think I did spot one fish cruising just below the surface! But throughout I can see exactly what Krieger is doing and exactly what his rod and line are doing.

  What you won't find here is the old dogma of casting from 2 o'clock to 10 o'clock - in fact, no clocks at all. Krieger uses the idea of a variable casting arc, so, for example, casting a short line requires a short stroke; longer line, longer stroke.

  To my mind the chapter that will benefit anyone interested in improving their casting is Creeping and Drifting Between Back & Forward Casts. Creeping the rod forwards during the pause between back and front casts shortens the casting arc. It tends to cause the caster to drive the line down into the water or, more often, to throw tailing loops. In a manner of speaking, drifting is the opposite; moving the rod back during the pause eliminates the problem of creeping and more. Flycasting Faults & Fixes is worth having for that chapter alone.

  Aimed at those who want to improve their casting, Flycasting Faults & Fixes is a super reference and first-class teaching aid, whether you're teaching yourself or someone else.

  • DVD in English
  • Formatted for all regions
  • Running time: 80 minutes

Available from: 
Phone & fax +49 30 39 49 37 05

Photo by Ben Blackwell © 2005
Photo by Ben Blackwell © 2005


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The basic mechanics of y fly cast

Chapter 3: Wide or non loop shapes

Chapter 4: General casting faults

  • Back & forward cast out of plane
  • Hook cast
  • Good timing
  • Last cast syndrome
  • Poor back cast
  • Improper power application

Chapter 5: Tailing or crossed loop shapes

  • Tailing or crossed loops
  • Casting stroke too short
  • Creeping and drifting between back & forward casts
  • Maintaining rod bend
  • The push vs. pull-through casting stroke
  • Unloading (stopping) the rod too soon
  • Another last cast syndrome
  • Poor line hand pull

Chapter 6: The roll cast

  • The roll cast
  • Failure to position the fly line behind the rod
  • Failure to position (anchor) the end of the fly line in the water
  • Effective loop shapes in the roll cast
  • Chapter 7 Curved line back cast

Chapter 8: Conclusion

Bonus Chapters: Mel's introduction to Spey casting with a single hand rod

  • Forward Spey or switch cast
  • Single Spey cast
  • Snap-T or circle Spey cast
  • The double Spey cast
  • The snake roll cast
  • Loop‚ line' shapes
  • Let's try that again


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