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Woolly Wisdom
By Gary Soucie


  A very comprehensive book on how to tie and fish Woolly Worms, Woolly Buggers and their fish-catching kin 

Author: Gary Soucie

The Woolly Bugger and Woolly Worm are among the most versatile and widely used flies; they're easy to tie, require no expensive, exotic materials, and most importantly, they catch fish. Woolly Wisdom is an in-depth look at these effective fly patterns, including tying and fishing with them. With an emphasis on experimentation with tying in different styles and for various fish species - both fresh and salt water - this book is fun, informative, and extremely useful; a must for every fly-fisher who has any Woollys in their fly boxes.

400 patterns, all in full color

8.5 x 11 inches, 232 pages, all color

ISBN: 1-57188-351-7 (softbound), 1-57188-352-5 (hardbound) 

For more info and to order go to: http://www.amatobooks.com




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