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Box-Stor System

UNI Products has made a name for itself in some thirty countries with innovative spooled materials that help fly-tiers create new patterns and tie existing patterns like never before. Now comes the UNI Box-Stor System, which makes the art of fly-tying easier than ever, putting everything you need to get the job done at your fingertips.


Box-Stor Cabinet

Because neatness counts...especially in fly-tying.
The UNI Box-Stor Cabinet can house ten (10) UNI Spool-Stor or UNI Multi-Stor boxes in any combination. The open-front lip-and-groove system makes it a cinch to install or remove boxes. The attractive, rugged cabinet is made of quality white-surfaced medium-density fibreboard and is designed for modular assembly of several units. Each cabinet comes with a selection of pre-printed and blank box-end labels.

  • C/w 5 Spool-Stor & 5 Multi-Stor boxes
  • C/w 12 pre-printed & 4 blank labels
  • C/w 1 bolt & nut for modular assembly.
  • 1 size only, modular assembly possible
  • Each Box-Stor cabinet weighs 6 pounds
  • Outside dimensions: 6" x 8.5" x 16"


Spool-Stor Box

The UNI Spool-Stor Box is the heart of the UNI Box-Stor System. This clear plastic box makes it a snap to see what's inside, while the rippled bottom easily stores up to twenty (20) spools. The durable one-piece box with a fold-back lid keeps spools snugly inside for safe storage or travel. Box end can be easily labeled to identify your different types of spooled materials.


Multi-Stor Box

The UNI Multi-Stor Box is identical to the UNI Spool-Stor Box but without the ripples. The box is the perfect place to store small tools, hooks, packages and other essentials that continually accumulate on your fly-tying bench. So you can put your hands on whatever you need, whenever you need it. As a bonus, the UNI Multi-Stor Box makes a useful fly box for those hard to carry pike and saltwater flies.

Read more about these product on UNI Products webpage


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