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Streamerfischen auf Forellen
with Roman Moser

Production: Rybafilm Holland
Camera and direction: Jos Vanrunxt
Sondtrack: Marcel Rommel
Design: Ton Lindhout
Approximate running time: 60 minutes

Roman Moser, internationally known flyfisher, instructor and designer of innovative tying materials and flyfishing equipment, has brought a new fine film to his name some time ago. Subject is trout fishing with streamers and tying them.

  RM flyfishing films

  It has been quite a long time - to be more precise in 1986 - since Roman Moser's first video film appeared. This tape too, at the time, was produced by a Dutch team lead by Jos Vanrunxt. The title was Neue Wege mit der Kocherfliege (New Ways with the Sedge).

  I can recall very well that the secretary of my flyfishing club in Vlaardingen, Holland, at the time had bought a copy for the club library, and that one evening we sat together and saw the film. We were all rather impressed, at least I was, and in October of the same year I set off for Austria in order to try my luck on the Traun near Gmunden where Jos and Roman had shot the film. Of course I had prepared well, had examined the film several times at home to study Roman's fishing technique and the way he ties his imitations. And before leaving I prepared a large box with Gold head pupas, Balloon Caddis and more RM caddis patterns.

  I experienced fantastic days at Gmunden with beautiful quiet weather and unforgettable autumn colours. I staid one week on the small Traunsee camping ground and fished the Traun river for five days. Roman's fishing tricks and patterns worked well for me and many fine trout and grayling fell to my flies, so many in fact that I experienced the best fishing ever till then. That's why in my perception the sedge fishing video and this memorable trip will always stay connected to each other

  After this first production, through the years, Roman Moser, together with Jos Vanrunxt, made new worthwhile films, all of them with about the same concept. Starting point was fishing imitations of a certain insect (or group of insects) in its successive life cycle stadia, and showing how to tie them. It must be said that some of the imitations look surprisingly original. After the tying instruction Roman will fish the fly and explain all aspects of the most appropriate fishing technique. He will also discuss the necessary equipment elements: rod, line, leader connector, bite indicator (if requested) and leader. The complete RM video collection includes: Neue Wege mit der Köcherfliege, Neue Wege mit der Steinfliege (Stonefly), three parts in the series Neue Wege mit der Eintagsfliege (mayfly) and recently he published Streamerfischen auf Forellen (Fishing with streamers for trout).

  Exciting fly fishing

  There are a few reasons to give attention to the latest film and its makers. To start with the subject: 'streamering' for trout is an exciting way of fly fishing that, in my opinion, always remained a bit underexposed, especially with regard to river fishing. Dring countless fishing sessions I saw fly fishing friends mostly rely on dry flies, emergers and nymphs, while they kept their superbly tied streamers in the boxes. Roman Moser however proves in a convincing way that the right fishing technique and choice of streamer can be very effective. Especially when fishing waters with a varied and healthy stock of fish. Here you will find also bigger fish that are difficult to catch, but can be successfully tempted with streamers.

  Second reason is that Roman Moser's ability is beyond all doubt. During fly fairs and other events he exposed himself as a remarkable skilful caster and fly tyer. Unfortunately we don't hear much from him lately in Belgium and Holland. And laying hands on his products isn't always easy either. That is a pity as Roman has devised interesting tying materials and fishing equipment, especially his leader material deserves attention. As far back as 1980 he started experimenting with his renewing leader connectors and leaders resulting in the broadest selection of leader material (with some thirty items!) sold world wide.

  Born and bred near the Gmundener Traun passion for flyfishing was imparted to Roman by none other than Hans Gebetsroither many years ago, and ever since Roman developed himself as a fly fisher. He elaborated his ideas and achieved, by his talent and effort, a place in the fly fishing world as a professional. Jos Vanrunxt too has won his spurs in this field, not only due to his teamwork with Roman while shooting videos, but also as an organiser of fly fishing trips, especially to Northern Russia for fishing Atlantic salmon.

  What are we going to look at?

  Introducing Streamerfischen auf Forellen Roman tells what methods and equipment he uses for his streamer fishing. Broadly speaking he will demonstrate three different manners: fishing with a floating, intermediate and fast sinking line. He underlines the importance of looking for a well balanced outfit. Rod, line, leader, streamer and fishing technique should be geared to one another. Presenting and fishing the RM Floating Minnow in the surface for instance requires a different technique and equipment than 'streamering' in deep holes with a super fast sinking line.

  It goes without saying that Roman explains in what circumstance one should choose a certain method and which streamer is appropriate. It appeals a lot to me that Roman proves clearly - like in his other videos -that he knows very well what he is doing. He is not just waving a bit with pretty, colourful lures, but he makes well-considered choices. He is well acquainted with what exactly is happening under the water surface, so not surprisingly therefore his fishing is extremely effective. The viewer is offered a number of thrilling scenes in which wonderful fish are being caught.

  The film also shows how RM streamers should be tied. Jos Vanrunxt is an expert in recording this on tape, so one can follow well all necessary acts and steps resulting in a perfect fly. The German spoken text is simple but contains all relevant information on tying technique and Roman Moser's tying materials.

All streamers imitate several small fish living in the river. They look simple and relatively easy to tie but that's where you can be wrong. Being a rather experienced fly tyer I noticed that some exercise is necessary to tie most of his patterns well.

  Anyway, having seen the film I was inspired to imitate a number of Roman's streamer patterns. Especially the RM Plushille Minnow in various colours and the RM Artfur Sculpin I found attractive from the start. For this review article therefore I liked making an instruction of one of them. Just have a look at the picture sequences with text on page and try to tie with me the attractive RM Sculpin pattern!

  RM tying materials can be also used for tying tube flies and pike streamers. Some patterns are to be found in Roman Moser's new catalogue.

  To conclude

  Streamerfischen auf Forellen is an instructive film for the starting and advanced fly fisherman interested in going deeply into the subject of tying imitative streamers and attractors, and fishing them successfully. Buying this dvd therefore is an excellent investment, in my opinion.

  All Roman Moser's films are still available but sometimes not really easy to find. That goes for the other RM articles like leader material, flies and tying materials as well. I am not sure how many tackle shops in Scandinavia bring Roman Moser products, but if this is a problem you can order from the Roman Moser shop in Gmunden directly. If you prefer the latter, or need to do so, have a look at the web site or try to get a catalogue with order form. Here you will find all necessary information on RM articles and the RM fly fishing courses given on the river Ager tributary of the Traun.

Roman Moser GMBH, Gmunden Austria
School of Flyfishing
Web site :

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