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Tying the RM-Artfur Sculpin
By Leon Links


Hook: RM wide gape streamer hook #4
Tying thread: Power silk XX
Body: Pearl Flash and Art Fur (beige and black)
Tail: Pearl Flash and Art Fur beige (black permanent marker)
Head: Gold bead or tungsten bead, Art Fur beige en black (black and brown permanent marker)
Eyes: Yellow shape it, black permanent marker
Fins: Brown Ghost Fibre, black permanent marker

The flies originator is Romas Moser


Tying steps

1. Slip the bead on the hook shank, mount the hook in the vise and attach the tying thread. Tie in a thin bundle of Pearl Flash halfway on top of the shank.

Step 1.


2. Wind the thread over the Pearl Flash towards the bend of the hook and bring it back to one third of the shank from the eye, attach some minicom glue.

Step 2.


3. Wind a body with the Pearl Flash and catch it with the tying thread. Fold the Pearl Flash back over the body, secure with the tying thread. Clip off the Pearl Flash at something less than a double hook length in order to form a tail.

Step 3.


4. Trim off a bundle of beige Art Fur, remove the under fur and tie in at the beginning of the Pearl Flash body. It should be a bit longer than the Pearl Flash tail.

Step 4.


5. Trim off another bundle of beige Art Fur, don't remove the under fur and tie it in again.

Step 5.


6. Repeat the procedure described in step 5 another four times with black, beige, black and finally beige Art Fur. Before whip finishing attach a bit of minicom glue to the power silk.

Step 6.


7. Trim the Art Fur into a Sculpin shape with a flat and broad head.

Step 7.

Step 7b.


8. Take the black permanent marker and add three more black rings to the body and tail.

Step 8.


9. Now take the brown marker and colour back and head a bit brown.

Step 9.


10. Pull a thin strand of Ghost Fibre through the eye of a darning needle.

Step 10.


11. Pinch needle and a bit of the Ghost Fibre through the beige body ring half way the shank just over the shank, add a drop of mincom glue to the part of the Ghost Fibre that will be pulled into the body and is supposed to stay there.

Step 11.


12. Try to model fins and tail with a bit of normal paper glue, add some black lines to the fins and clip them into shape.

Step 12.


13. Remove two Shape it eyes from the wax paper or plastic*, add a bit minicom power glue and bring them into position on the head with a needle.

Step 13.


* Prepare the eyes a day before tying the Sculpin with the Shape it lacquer. Put little drops on wax paper or appropriate plastic. Dry them overnight and finish them with a black permanent marker.

Written and photographed by Leon Links ©



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